IDAP Network

The IDAP network is a nonprofit organisation, the purpose of which is to provide professionals in applied conservation-restoration, conservation-restoration research and education with an interactive tool in the form of a database for damage assessment of and research into cultural heritage parchment materials.

The IDAP database is hosted by the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Conservation, on whose initiative the database was established and who is responsible for its operation and update. The yearly fee is used for keeping and updating the database.

Eligible for membership of the network are IDAP partners and end-users such as cultural heritage and research institutions and private, professional conservator-restorers etc. represented by professionals trained in the proper use of the IDAP assessment methods and database facilities, who have accepted the terms and conditions in the attached documents ("Terms of use" and "Privacy statement"), paid the yearly fee and have been registered in the IDAP database by an ID code.

Only members of the IDAP network have access to the use of the available data* in the database.

All rights to data input into the database are owned by the IDAP partner or end-user delivering the data.

All data that are available and can be searched in the database by an IDAP network member may be used in the research of this member under the condition that the use of available data of other members is referred to and acknowledged when used in publications and other public sources and fora.

The membership fee for the year 2008 is 2000 DKK.

Please mark the payment with the name of your institution and the code "IDAP Network", and transfer the money to:

Danske Bank
St. Kongensgade 49
DK-1264  Copenhagen K

IBAN nr.: DK7530003121560585
CVR/VAT nr.: 53 13 57 57

Yours sincerely,

René Larsen
Co-ordinator of the IDAP Network

*available data are data reported in the Damage Assessment Report. All rights to data loaded in the individual work areas of the IDAP partners or end-users in the IDAP database (classified data) belongs to the partner who has been given access to the work area and who loads the data. Access to classified data is a matter between the owner and the parties who may have interests in access hereto. The IDAP partner owner of classified data has the free right to deny any other IDAP partners or other interested parties access to their classified data at any time.




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